matthew-merrick-blue-sky-thinking-&model matthew-merrick-lumpen-matter-&model matthew-merrick-celestia-supermarket-stockholm matthew-merrick-a-letter-for-yoko-tirana-bunkerisa matthew-merrick-monument-to-an-imagined-victiry-so matthew-merrick-pledge-xo-edinburgh-annuale monument-to-the-pioneers-of-alternative-medicine matthew-merrick-james-dean the-yarm-elephant-matthew-merrick

Blue Sky Thinking (2013)

Wood, Acrylic Paint, Meteorite Stands

Lumpen Matter (2013)

Expanding Foam, Gloss Paint

Celestia (2012)


A Letter For Yoko (2013)

Envelope, Manifesto

Blue Sky Thinking (Harlan Whitingham) (2013)

Plastic Drinks Bottle, Double Sided Tape


Monument to an Imagined Victory (2013)

Wood, String, Varnish

Pledge (The Forgotten Cause) (2013)

Cotton T-shirt, T-shirt vinyl stickers

Monument to the Pioneers of Alternative Medicine (2014)

Boston Ferns (7), Clay, Spray Paint, Wood

James Dean (Dzems Din) (2013)

Found Lithograph

The Yarm Elephant (2014)

Youtube Film Still

Terrain (2014)

Wax, Cotton

matthew-merrick-monument-to-the-pioneers-of-strato ONE THIRD OF EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW INSTA

Monument to the Pioneers of Stratospheric Flight (2009)

Poster - Documentation of Performance

One Third of Everything You Thought You Knew (2012)

PVC Banner


And the World Will Tear Itself Apart Looking For Answers (2015)

Etched Card

Matthew Merrick